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Valet-Parking Airport Zurich

Comfortable & Cheap Parking at Zurich Airport

AIRPORT-PARKING-ZURICH.CH – With us you don't only park cheaply!

  • Parking from 69 CHF per Week  = 9,90 CHF a day
  • Shuttle Service included for 98 CHF per Week  = 14 CHF a day
Zurich Airport Parking ✈ Our new Prices

You would like to go on a vacation or business trip without the annoying stress of searching just the right parking space at the Zurich airport? Our excellent Valet parking services will make this possible.

You want more? We offer more than low priced parking: During your journey it is possible to let us wash your car as well as refuel it. And thanks to our competent partners, it is also possible to order a car repair at our parking spaces at the Zurich-Kloten Airport at favourable conditions.

Our opening hours are daily from 04:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.. In case of a delay we will extend our opening hours for you as this is of course part of our services and we do not charge an unreasonable night shift premium.

Simply book your guaranteed parking space online.

Our Parking Services

FIRST - Leave a car at the office and take our shuttle bus to the airport

ECONOMY - Leave the car at the office and take the ÖVV to the airport

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Why GmbH? Zurich Airport Parking and do good

With us, you will not only park the most comfortable but also do something good. 3 CHF of your booking will be donated to 3 non profit organizations.

1 CHF per booking goes to Save the Children

Save the Children logoAs the largest independent children's rights organization in the world, Save the Children has been actively advocating for children's rights since 1919. Your donation will benefit the most disadvantaged and marginalized children worldwide. Your donation is used exactly where the need is greatest. GmbH supports this organization wholeheartedly, because children are our future and our most important treasure.

1 CHF per booking goes to Amnesty International

amnestyA non-profit organization that advocates for human rights in the world. Just as we have to fight again and again for our existence, many people in this world struggle to have rights at all. We are pleased to support this foundation with your bookings.

1 CHF per booking goes to Ärzte ohne Grenzen

aerzte ohne GrenzenWe would actively like to support this organization, which has already won the Nobel Prize, with its humanitarian work for the victims of distress and violence.

It is a matter for us not only to move your car, but also to move the hearts of many people around the world and to enable them to live a more beautiful life. Support us with your booking. It's a pleasure to have you here.

Further Information

Car Caring & Repair Works while you are traveling

Cheap parking at the airport is not the only service we offer you: during the duration of your trip, you have the possibility to wash your car as well as refuel or even carry out necessary repairs. Thanks to our competent partners, this is also possible at our car park at Zurich Airport on favorable terms.

We are at your services daily from 04.30 am to 11.30 pm, of course even longer when your flight got delayed, which is also part of our service. We do not have unfair night surcharges. 

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 Our Services for you and your car at Zurich Airport


Car Wash

Drive home in a completely cleaned car after your journey.

Car Repair

Drive home safely: repair of your car while you are on holiday.


Let us do your groceries
before you return.

Car Refuel

Drive home quickly:
Let us refuel your car